by Nika Smith

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all songs written, performed, and recorded by nika smith.


released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Nika Smith Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Walk Out
believe it or not, hand to god, i forgot who i was. watching myself chipping away, fraying from the strain little by little bit and in the thick of it. "get up. walk out."

look who i've found. look who was right here all along.

believe me or not, they hid behind a god. said i forgot who i was. far from myself in conversations with no direction. watching myself ticking away in conversations. my oh my...

look who i've found. look who was right here all along.
look who i've found.
Track Name: For Spite
i wear my heart like a religion. i want my gun to shoot through water. as i run my hand along your temple, know no one's lonely for long.

awake, my night owl -- feed my excitement.

i want my tongue to dance through fire. i found my head riding an eagle. no, no one's lonely for long for spite.
Track Name: Mud (One Hundred & Three)
and the rants, and the reads, and the roughs on our hands with the mud on our backs cracking just to crack. all in all, this is something. this is not make-believe. all in all, this is something. this is hope and need.

and the growth, and the making-up-time. you see me, climb up. babe, reach and know -- and be.
Track Name: Dance For The Caribou Queen
well, i have crossed the line. i have eaten it right up. i can drown you in my eyes. i can taste you on my hungry lows and the rows of rants that never end; blowing rings around my neck of dreams and recollections: i've danced with the caribou queen.